Action on Green Belt Breaches

by MV
3 Mar 2024
Cll Jo

In a significant success for local planning and environmental protection, Mole Valley District Council has successfully secured injunctions against individuals who have been unlawfully exploiting a Green Belt site at Berry Farm between Leigh, Newdigate and Charlwood and flouting planning regulations.

The Council's determined efforts, bolstered by the diligent support of committed local Lib Dem Councillor, Jo Farrar-Astrop, have culminated in a decisive legal intervention aimed at restoring order and protecting the integrity of our cherished green space.

Jo Farrar-Astrop said, “The injunctions obtained by the Council represent a crucial step towards rectifying the brazen disregard for planning regulations exhibited by those exploiting these types of rural sites for personal gain. By obtaining legal recourse, MVDC is sending a clear message that such behaviour will not be tolerated, and appropriate measures will be taken to safeguard community interests. “Enforcement notices compelling the perpetrators to clear the site have been issued alongside the injunctions. By this action the council is demonstrating its unwavering commitment to upholding planning laws and preserving the Green Belt for present and future generations. This proactive stance underscores the council's dedication to responsible stewardship of our beautiful area.